Branding & Marketing You by Donna Rachelson

Branding & Marketing YOU



Have you ever dreamed of sitting down to have a face-to-face conversation with some of South Africa’s leading figures in the areas of media, politics, business, entrepreneurship, transformation and academia? Donna Rachelson did just that, talking to nine exceptional people about their stories, vulnerabilities and successes for her first book, Branding & Marketing YOU.

“Since I first became interested in the subject of personal branding and marketing, I have wanted to write a book on the subject,” she says. “I have thoroughly researched the topic and have probably read most of the books written about it.”

She notes that she was struck by the fact that most books on the subject of personal branding and marketing seem to be either mostly theoretical or, if there are case studies in the books, they feature only celebrity personalities.

“While we can learn from people like Oprah, Madonna and Nelson Mandela, I want to make the point that you don’t need to be Bill Gates to build and market a powerful brand. I developed the concept for this book, Branding & Marketing YOU, out of a desire to gain insight into some leading South Africans who have developed highly successful personal brands with solid reputations,” Rachelson explains.

Each person profiled in the book is entrepreneurial and successful in his or her own right as a business professional and has become well-known and respected in their field of operation.

“They use innovative and powerful ways to build and market their personal brands and are passionate and driven to make a difference inside and outside of their field of operation,” says Rachelson. “Through my conversations with these nine people, I hope to highlight the importance of personal branding and marketing in today’s business environment and unpack how brands evolve, identifying the components making up a ‘personal’ brand and highlighting how to market it effectively.”

Donna hopes that the book will inspire ordinary South Africans and others – and show that

Book Reviews

“Fascinating! I read this in almost a single sitting. The stories of the people Donna uses as examples are so compelling that I just wanted to know more and more. Intriguing how between them there are areas of commonality, like passion and authenticity, and yet how each one is quite different. Each piece fits into place, so you end up with something like a personal branding a jigsaw; as you read the last sentence of the last ‘tale’, the jigsaw is completed.

Joanna OosthuizenMD, Ogilvy Public Relations

“It’s a superb way of exploring a complex and often neglected area of business and marketing. In fact, it’s one of those books that I wish I had read 30 years ago at the start of my career. But having said that, I can think of a dozen very senior business leaders at the peak of their careers right now who would benefit immediately from Donna’s insight.”

Chris GibbonsBusinessman and Talk Radio 702 host

“Everyone has a personal brand whether they acknowledge it or not. What I enjoyed about this very readable book is that it makes one conscious of defining one’s own values and ensuring that your behaviours match those values.”

“We all love reading about the high profile people we know courtesy of the media. This book gives real, interesting, relevant, and useful insights into a fascinating group of people – I loved the way the insights were highlighted throughout the book. The book is positive, confident and allows each featured business person to share what makes them unique, and what drives them, each one quite different.”

“The wonderful insight for me was that they are actually all quite ordinary people – in other words, everyone has the potential for success if you are conscious about how you define Brand You. There is plenty to learn from this little gem.”

Yvonne Johnsonformer CEO of the International Marketing Council (IMC) in South Africa, business women and winner: Business Icon of the year 2010: Feather Awards

“There is a plethora of mumbo jumbo books written on brands, this is not one of them. It is highly practical – a must read for entrepreneurs. By reading it you will have a much deeper understanding of how to shape brands (people or products) into highly valued commodities.”

Aubrey Maldenformer Creative Director, the Ogilvy Group, Marketing Company.

“More than anything this book highlights the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and the great virtue of perseverance without which nothing is achieved.”

Derek CarstensFirst Rand Brand Director

“From reading the testimonials of the various people interviewed, it is clear that Branding and Marketing approaches vary and draw from a diversity of strategies, principles, tools, qualities, virtues and values. The stories therefore provide a valuable reference for those who aspire to grow their brand identity and character.”

Wendy LuhabeSocial Entrepreneur and Chancellor University of Johannesburg

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