Propelling Africans to Greatness
on the Global Stage

Driven Entrepreneur I Women Empowerment Evangelist I Branding & Marketing Enthusiast I Investor I Author & Speaker

Over three decades, Donna, an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and women empowerment evangelist has been empowering future African leading lights to show up in a way that'll make the continent a powerhouse on the global stage.

She has written four books, two being bestsellers, founded and co-created four enterprises, spoken on 900+ stages, locally and internationally, lectured at the Gordon Institute for Business Science (GIBS) and Yale University (USA), and consulted to 200+ corporations.

Donna has made an undeniable impact to Africa's shining lights over the last 30 years:


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individuals package and market their personal brands.


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branding & marketing interventions for business owners.


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corporate teams to build their team brands.


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women in corporations across Africa and supported many entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


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