Donna's lived experience, passion, and solid research in the field of personal branding, marketing and women empowerment have translated into four powerful books.
In each book, Donna effortlessly balances theory with her first-hand experience of individuals and teams who have excelled and demonstrated best practices. The resulting conversations are captured in inspiring reads that are grounded in solid research, together with practical actions that can be easily and immediately implemented.

Branding & Marketing YOU

Learn from nine highly successful people how to plan, develop, grow, and market your personal brand. Donna interviewed successful South African people who have developed successful personal brands to find out how and why they are successful.


Play to Win: What Women Can
Learn From Men In Business

This quick, practical read is a must for any woman who wants to make her mark in the business world. Women are occupying more senior positions in the world of work than ever before, but they still have a way to go. In many respects, the workplace is still a ‘man’s world’, run according to ‘men’s rules’.


Branding & Marketing YOU Through Teams

The fascinating ‘conversations’ with teams at leading organizations contained in this book, provide fresh and valuable insights into what makes teams effective and how they contribute to brand development.


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs provides quick-fire, practical advice and real-life examples and success stories to help entrepreneurs build and market their own personal brands.