Donna delivers dynamic, high-impact and practical 1-hour keynotes that empower shining lights to step into their power, stand up and stand out so that they can grow professionally and personally, and propel Africa forward.

Donna has been invited to speak on hundreds of local and international stages. Her signature keynotes cover personal branding, women empowerment, and marketing.

Personal Branding for Career and Business Success

Build a competitive advantage from your most valuable asset – your people.

Your most powerful brand is your people. Every time a client looks at, listens to, or interacts with your employees, it impacts the way they perceive your company. There is no doubt that before a prospect or customer buys your products or services or your company, they buy your people first. If your people know how to brand and market themselves, they are essentially helping to brand and market your organisation.

The Personal Branding for Career and Business Success keynote focuses on:

  • Characteristics of great brands
  • Why personal branding is important to personal and business success
  • How to stop being invisible and become visible and relevant
  • How to build trust and credibility
  • How to develop and market one’s personal brand


Play to Win: What Women can learn from Men in Business

It’s time to master the advantage of being able to wear both the skirt and the pants.

Over her 30-year career, Donna has worked with a number of senior women executives and has gained insight into how they have built their careers. She also closely tracked the behaviour of men to uncover the Mars and Venus approach to business. In this inspiring one-hour talk, she will share the secrets and insights on how to ‘play business like a game’, ‘take it like a man’ and ‘make your moves’.

In this keynote, participants will learn how to:

• Play business like a game
• Get noticed
• Ditch the small, incremental moves
• Focus on the results
• Work one’s network and state one’s views
• Fake it until you are it!
• Don’t take it personally


7 Steps to Business Marketing Success

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is how to market their businesses effectively.

Most understand that marketing is important, but few understand what activities to focus on that will have maximum impact for their business. In most cases, they waste money on ad hoc activities that are not strategically driven; are ‘one offs’ and are not measured in terms of effectiveness and having a tangible ROI.

While huge misperceptions exist of what marketing is, there is huge benefit to be gained for one’s business through an effective marketing system.

In this enlightening presentation, participants will be exposed to the key steps to make marketing impactful in their business.

  • What is marketing
  • Marketing vs sales
  • Strategy before tactics
  • High impact tactics


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

In the fast-paced world of work, personal branding has never been more important.

Marketing for entrepreneurs is difficult – they don’t have huge marketing budgets and they need to build their personal brand to increase their business exposure and enhance their credibility.

Having a strong personal brand and reputation is key for entrepreneurial success – the entrepreneur becomes a ‘go to’ brand, remains top-of-mind, trusted in their industry and relevant to their target market.

In this keynote, participants will explore:

  • What is a personal brand
  • The benefits of building a personal brand
  • Why one’s personal brand matters
  • The key questions one needs to think about when positioning a personal brand and leveraging and marketing a personal brand for the benefit of the business
  • Is their personal brand relevant to their business mission
  • Packaging their personal brand for business success
  • Leveraging & marketing their personal brand for the benefit of the business
  • Tactics that work
Donna has helped 5000+ individuals package and market their personal brands; completed 100+ branding & marketing interventions for business owners; coached more than 50 corporate teams to build their team brands; impacted over 1000 women in corporates across Africa and supported many entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

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