Branding & Marketing You Through Teams by Donna Rachelson

Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams



Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams is the successor to author Donna Rachelson’s best-selling Branding & Marketing YOU, which focused on personal brand development.

This book, which has already garnered critical acclaim is based on interviews conducted with teams at Microsoft, Sanlam, the MTN-Qhubeka cycling team, Gift of the Givers, Demographica and the Protea Hotels Group.

The fascinating ‘conversations’ that result, provide fresh and valuable insights into what makes teams effective and how they contribute to brand development. The book is written in a very conversational, accessible style and will be of interest to anyone in business or private life with an interest in marketing, communications, branding or reputation management.

Book Reviews

“There is no greater way, in my opinion, of illustrating the power of marketing and particularly its branding component, than through the use of case histories. And this is what Donna Rachelson does so well. She avoids all the clichés and airy-fairy theory that pervades and obfuscates the marketing industry today and just gets right to where the proof of the marketing pudding lies.”

“What caught my eye in this, her second book, Branding and Marketing YOU through TEAMS, was the chapter on Microsoft Service Management. Unravelling the mystery of what makes someone a team player is a powerful part of this book.”

“There are some memorable comments from Microsoft Services Management team members that, in my opinion, should be tattooed on the foreheads of modern business managers. “We have an anti-hero approach to what we do.” By that they mean they don’t like someone in the team who positions themselves as the hero of the piece and who tries to attract the credit and take any glory going around, says Rachelson.”

“I believe that Donna Rachelson’s book should be read, not only by marketers, but by everyone who is in business and wants to know how to make teamwork work.”

Chris MoerdykMarketing Analyst

“There is considerable fascination with the term ‘leadership’ and it can be interpreted as meaning very different things to different people. Branding and marketing YOU through TEAMS explores the concept of leading teams, exposes some of the local talent we should celebrate, and offers telling insights.”

Jeremy SampsonVisiting Professor, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and Group Executive Chairman, InterbrandSampsonDevilliers

“You don’t have to formally market yourself but you will always be known and recognised by your behaviour. It is not about What You Are but rather about Who You Are that you are known for. The importance of consistency in the application of a culture and strong values in an organisation and a team comes through in all the examples. I really enjoyed the practical examples of the importance of teams and team players. It reminded me of what a wellknown leader once said: “The two essential qualities of a leader are a Strategy and a Culture but if I have to drop one I will drop Strategy!” This is a mustread for all leaders!”

Allen SwiegersChief Operating Officer, Deloitte Southern and East Africa

“This is a timely and insightful experience-based book that reinforces the age old truth that people – well understood and celebrated in their individual and collective diversity, aligned with the organisational culture – are the number one key to building and motivating values-centred teams and successful organisations.”

Thebe IkalafengGlobal African advisor, author on branding and reputation leadership and founder of Brand Africa

“I recommend this book to my team and other teams. It not only contains amazing stories of great teams in South Africa that we can all learn from, but it inspired me to carry on raising the bar. To challenge myself and others as to what else can we do to inspire people and team members to achieve their true potential.”

“I learned about the key success factors in teams and in the different industries that Donna selected. This is a journey of discovery of what makes these teams successful. The stories made me proud to be a South African and to be part of the South African business community.”

“The insights that Donna highlights were so useful. In particular I love the marketing and branding angles that are so unusual and which I have not seen in other business books. The book also inspired me to imagine a new reality and gave me ideas of what is possible.”

Monica SingerCEO, Strate

“Donna Rachelson has achieved that rare thing – a business book that is useful, interesting and accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about marketing, from start-ups to established businesses. Her credentials speak for themselves, as do the stories in this book. And best of all, the book is devoid of any marketing buzzwords or meaningless mumbo-jumbo – it’s clear, conversational, and a pleasure to read.”

Mandy CollinsBusiness writing course co-ordinator, Allaboutwriting

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