Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams


About The Book

Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams is the successor to author Donna Rachelson’s best-selling Branding & Marketing YOU, which focused on personal brand development.

This book, which has already garnered critical acclaim is based on interviews conducted with teams at Microsoft, Sanlam, the MTN-Qhubeka cycling team, Gift of the Givers, Demographica and the Protea Hotels Group.

The fascinating ‘conversations’ that result, provide fresh and valuable insights into what makes teams effective and how they contribute to brand development. The book is written in a very conversational, accessible style and will be of interest to anyone in business or private life with an interest in marketing, communications, branding or reputation management.

“There is no greater way, in my opinion, of illustrating the power of marketing and particularly its branding component, than through the use of case histories. And this is what Donna Rachelson does so well. She avoids all the clichés and airy-fairy theory that pervades and obfuscates the marketing industry today and just gets right to where the proof of the marketing pudding lies.”


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