Play to Win - What Women Can Learn From Men In Business by Donna Rachelson

Play To Win



Women are occupying more senior positions in the new world of work than ever before, but they still have a way to go. In many respects, the workplace is still a man’s world, run according to men’s rules.

Donna Rachelson gets to grips with these rules and shows women how to work with them to advance their careers, while still retaining their femininity and bringing all of the strengths women possess to the workplace.

Drawing on Rachelson’s own experience, as well as the experience of some of South Africa’s top businesswomen, this quick, practical read is a must for any woman who wants to make her mark in the business world.

Book Reviews

“Your book gave me so much inspiration. I have a mentor but not a sponsor and it is such a valuable suggestion. Your overall insights into how girls and boys are raised is just so brilliant. I have twins, a boy and a girl, and so much of what you have outlined is just so simple and true. I feel inspired and motivated, thank you. I would suggest all business women should read this book.”

Joanna OosthuizenMD, Ogilvy Public Relations

“In my four decades as a woman in business – both in management and as a consultant – I’ve read tons of books and attended seminars galore but this says it all in a concise and easy read. It’s the kind of book women need to keep close and dip into regularly. No matter how much we think we know, we need constant reminders.It’s like having a mentor as close as your handbag!”

Rina BloombergCo-founder,

“What I love about this book is the practicality of the advice offered on what it takes for women to succeed in the world of work. I think we are all versed in the challenges women face in being successful business leaders and in the issues pertaining to the pay, representation and power gap. Much has been written about this but not as much about what to do to overcome the hurdles. Donna has succinctly packaged the success traits of men with the unique value that women bring into a quick, easy to read (and digest) guide to how to play to win in environments that by and large have been created and continue to be dominated by men.

I recognized myself as well as my behaviour in one or two places in the book and I believe every woman who reads this will find at least one thing that this relevant for them. More importantly, at least one thing that they can clearly implement to transform them into the powerhouse they were meant to be. Well worth a read!”

Lebo BikoExecutive Head: Strategy & Marketing Business Banking, Nedbank

“This might be a small book. But it packs a punch. It simply and clearly highlights what it is that too many women do differently from men in business. And those things are to their detriment. If you want to benefit from the advice of women at the top of their game and what they’re learned about acing the men on the court of business play – this is a great way to start.”

Clive SimpkinsMarketing and communications strategist, author and coach

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